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Please Be aware that all our Saturday Classes are now at the  Scout Hut ,Locksley Close ,Heaton Norris. All other Classes remain at the Guide Hall, King's Drive, Heaton Moor.


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Check out our little taster video.


South Manchester Dance Academy, formerly known as The Evans School Of Dancing, was established in 1985 by Miss. Judith Thompson.


  Over the years, Miss. Thompson has created a strong sense of technique and discipline and instilled a love of dance in the many pupils who have passed through the doors.


 Whilst maintaining the standard of the school is of the upmost importance, Miss. Turner is enthusiastic about introducing new subjects and further developing performance opportunities.


 S.M.D.A aims to provide a high standard of tuition in all aspects of dance. We offer all ages and abilities the chance to dance. From beginners through to Advanced Performers, adults, teacher training and Professional Coaching.

showtime SMDA Stockport Dance School

Please Check out our little video short we did in November 2016 ."Show Rehearsalsl." We also have some selected clips from our latest show DVD in the video section below .


New Classes For September 2019!!


acrobatic dance heaton moor
Musicals adult jazz stockport
musical theatre classes adult lessons south manchester

Ever Imagined you are Roxie or Velma?Jived around the room like Danny in Grease?No... Why not?

         Well,for those who have,we have the perfect thing. Due to demand from our adult ballet and tappers, we are starting an all new adult Jazz class in September. Inspired by the world of musical theatre and film,this should be loads of fun and great for fitness/coordination. With no obligation to sign up for the term, just turn up ,grab a cane,have fun ,meet like minded people and,of course,DANCE!!


Tuesdays 7.45 - 8.45pm


junior jazz musical theatre stockport age3+

Come and try our new Tinchie Jazz / Musical Theatre classes . Age 3+ tuesday evenings . A fun energetic introduction to Music and Movement.Suitable for both boys and girls.

musicals shows dance shows
(Some of our Pupils performing scenes from various musicals)
musical theatre performance
children perform sound of music


Don't miss our upcoming Christmas show


on November 25th at the Aquinas College  in Stockport.

Here's a little reminder of one of our last ones as a taster.

The Magazine for the four 'Moors' area have done an article on our college. We're delighted to say that the journalist who came with her daughter ,has now enrolled her into that class.

Read the article  by clicking on the Moor magazine cover or on the link below.


Dance coaching Stockport


student ballet dancer



Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Classical dance training develops posture,poise an confidence.

         Whilst aiming to portray grace,elegance and fluidity of movement,ballet also builds on core strength,control,muscle tone,discipline and stamina .

       Perseverance is essential in order to grow as a ballet dancer,and the long term benefits,especially for those wishing to explore other styles of dance,are second to none.


ballet training pointe
learning tap with Emma Turner



Think tap,and think of the little penguins in ‘Happy Feet’.Tap is the feel good dance form allowing the feet to explore rhythm and musicality.

      Useful for beginners to ‘find the beat’ and develop listening skills. Also ,a great way for adults to workout as an alternative to the gym.

      From the traditional Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire Musicals,to today’s hardcore ‘Stomp’ and  ‘Tap Dogs’,Tap has something to offer everyone.


learning tap with Emma Turner
performing arts



Theatre craft explores the many exciting and contrasting dance styles of the world of musical theatre. From Disney to Bollywood ,showgirl to rockstar, no stone is left unturned.

   This recently updated syllabus focuses on theatrical performance. The technique is based on natural movement, progressing to include lyrical, jazz and commercial styles, as the grades develop.

         From grade 3 onwards the girls get the chance to dance on heeled shoes,and the boys are given their own feature to show off developing tricks and specialised skills.

      Theatre craft is ideal for anyone interested in broadening their dance horizons.

performing arts
S.M.D.A Musical Theatre Coaching


 (Junior & 10+)


Our Musical Theatre classes combine dance, drama and singing. Great for meeting new friends, developing social skills and gaining the confidence to perform as part of a group.

The workshop style classes allow input from all in order to encourage and develop creativity.

The syllabus creates structured warm-up's and exercises focusing on all three core elements.

It is then up to students and teachers to create performance pieces based on everyone's favourite shows.



peter barkworth theatre lion king
modern jazz in stockport



From its African roots through to contemporary,lyrical and commercial ,modern jazz covers a vast spectrum of dance styles.

     An energising way to build strength and stamina whilst exploring many musical genres.

     The syllabus promotes discipline and technique whilst also encouraging creativity through improvisation and  and choreography.

     A must for any aspiring young dancer.

south manchester dance academy cheshire lessons
singing in the rain tap




Junior and 10 +.

     Our new Street Jazz Classes are a fun way to check out the latest street and commercial Jazz styles.

     A great way to make new friends and dance , to current and old skool tracks.

     Our female  junior jazzers also can try out some cheerleading too ,complete with pom -poms!

    Great for team building skills,performance and coordination.

pop old skool locking break dance cheerleading pom poms
street class heaton norris heaton chapel heaton moor heaton mersey
adult tap lessons




Our adult tap class is a fun, mixed ability gathering. We tap to everything from Michael Bublé to Matt Goss!

 It is a great way to improve balance and coordination,  meet new friends, and stay in shape, all whilst feeling like an  MGM movie star! Hats and canes at the ready!

adult tap lessons
adult ballet tutorials



Ballet, contrary to popular belief,can be practised by anyone. It provides not only one of the great sources of strength ,stamina ,poise ,flexibility, fitness and toning,but also stimulates the artistic connection between beautiful music and graceful movement. it's also a fabulous calorie burner.

      Our classes are very sociable and fun,and we are very mindful that everyone works at their own pace,and allow for that.

      Our aim is to work with classical technique in order to improve core strength, posture, increase confidence ,and bring out your inner 'Darcey Bussell.'

     There is no strict uniform, but fitted clothing or sports/dance wear is preferable. Footwear is Ballet shoes,or jazz shoes.We have a few spare but more can be ordered from us if you wish.

learn ballet any age



Think fosse ,West Side Story ,even Beyonce and you are some way towards understanding what jazz dance is. It is great for building strength and stamina whilst developing poise,style and confidence.

     A fun and sociable way to build muscle tone ,especially for the ladies whilst dancing in heeled shoes. Not only will you be able to strut your stuff on the dance floor, but you will have fabulous pins to boot!

     With everything from show tunes ,to Pop through the eras,we will bring out your innmer  diva/divo. Leg warmers at the ready

dance from the musicals emma turner idta
adult jazz classes stockport kings road moortop

This is The Trailer For our 2014 dance show DVD

Our Seniors dancing Irish Tap

Some of Our Young Dancers being Little White Fairies

Juniors & Seniors Dancing to 'When Will I Be Famous.'




I attended the Billy Elliot auditions in Manchester, and each time I was recalled, I was so surprised and excited, as I got  one step nearer to realising my dream. During that time, I had a great dance teacher, Emma Turner.

I  feel so proud to be a part of the cast of Billy Elliot.(from the 'Billy Elliot programme'.)

Zach Atkinson - Michael,Billy Elliot,West End




"Thank you for all your help & guidance over the past three years,and the chance to do panto!!

I am very grateful."

Leanne Biddle - Professional dancer (former pupil)



"Thank you for constantly making Josh push the boundaries.

You believed in him when others didn't."

Max Kinsella (father of Josh Kinsella, former pupil)


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you've done for me over the past three years you're teaching and lessons have been the best,and I owe you a lot! They have shaped me in so many different ways,and have changed me as a dancer and performer and I'm so grateful! You have taught me a lot in how to teach,and gain respect,and I hope that is something that will stay with me in my life too.It has been an honour to be taught by you and know you.I hope we can stay in touch as I,hopefully,enter my career as a performer."

Olivia Marquis - former pupil.


"Thankyou for all your hard work over the years.It has been a pleasure to work with such a professional."

Yasmin Harrison - professional Dancer,currently X factor (former pupil)



" I would personally give you 10 stars,... Best dancing school ever :) x"

 Sarah Jayne Fraser - current Pupil.



"By the end of my first class with you I was Buzzing!I find your style and choreography a pleasure and a thrill and believe a lot of my style is down to you.I would like to thank you for the faith you had in me,and thank you for everything."

Daniel Ellison - Dancer currently in "Starlight Express"(former pupil)


adult tap lessons"I can honestly say I have walked out of every class with a smile on my face...you really have been so great,professional and caring.thankyou for your great guidance,I have been very lucky to have a teacher as passionate about dance as you.Thank you so much."

Scott Coldwell - Professional Dancer( Former Pupil.)


"Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement over the past three years,I have thoroughly enjoyed everything about it. You have helped me in more ways than you know and I really appreciate it."

Rachel Hudson - former pupil.



"Thank you so much for everything that you've taught me! You 're a wonderful teacher and one of the nicest people I've ever met. You're encouragement has meant a lot! I hope to make you proud of me in the future."

Charlotte Davis - former pupil.


"I just wanted to say how brilliant the show was on Sunday,and thankyou for all your hard work. Iknow i'm biased, but as Head of Drama at the BBC I see a lot of theatre and it is genuinely the best production I've seen all year!

Hilary - Mother of current pupil

Please note ,almost all the photos on our website(all the good ones )have been taken by  Phil Portus. He has many fine photos on www.philportus.co.uk and www.flickr.com/photos/philportusphotography


 Join us in our exciting venture to explore the wonderful world of dance and theatre!!

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